Selling your condo or town house in Seminole Isle Fl.

Most people have bought their property in 2005 and paid a lot of money for it, Unfortunately the real estate market in the US has crashed since then and prices everywhere, including Seminole Isle have gone down a lot.  Please keep in mind, nobody has a crystal ball and things can change on a dime if something somewhere in the world happens. Right now, I think we hit bottom at the end of 2011 and we are on our way up again.

This doesn’t mean that prices will jump back to 2005 pricing overnight but watching Seminole Isle closely and working with buyers and seller every day, I see  every encouraging signs for Seminole Isle.

Between 2005 and 2011 we had an average for about 20 real estate listing for sale in Seminole Isle at any given time. It was a paradise for buyers, they could pick and choose and make low ball offers left and right.

Since the beginning of 2012 we have 4 or maybe 5 active condo or town house listings in Seminole Isle. Buyer are now standing in line and we Realtors have a “waiting list” of people that want to know ASAP when a new property comes on the market in Seminole Isle.

Prices have been going up a little since the beginning of the year and we have seen multiple offers on condos and townhomes within weeks.

These two things are very good indicators that Seminole Isle has seen the worst and is on its way back up.

Now you might be thinking, ” this is good news, I was reading this article because I wanted to list my property for sale but now I think I might just wait a little longer.”

Well, like I said before, you never know if this trend will continue or if the economy takes another dive and we crash again. Unfortunately, and we have seen that over the last few years, a million things that are out of our control can influence the sales prices of condos and town homes like Seminole Isle. Nobody knows what the future will hold an I can only tell you what is happening right now.

Another positive sign that I see happening all over Pinellas county right now is new construction or condo conversion. Again, right now I think it is a good sign of the real estate market coming back but, if anything happens it could even worsen the situation with more inventory coming on the market ( and you know all about supply and demand)

A lot of people buying in Seminole Isle bought their condo or town house as an investment and as we know, this speculation didn’t work out. So I do not know if it is wise to speculate again and wait in hope that the prices will come up fast or if it is smarter to sell now, take advantage of the trend we can see at the moment and move on with your life.

Anyway, there is new information every day, the market changes on a dime, if you think about selling your Seminole Isle property, give us a call we are happy to give you an update and share our market inside knowledge with you.

Selling your condo or town house in Seminole Isle Fl.

Questions about Seminole? Check out the city website

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  1. I’m interested in leasing a 3bedroom condo/townhouse in Seminole Isle please contact me. Thank you Maria

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