Seminole Isle | Holiday boat parades

Seminole Isle | Holiday boat parades.

Seminole doesn’t have a lighted boat parade for the holidays but when You live in Seminole Isle, you can to Madeira beach or Treasure island or Redington beach and on goes the list Boat parades. They are only 10 something minutes away and they are a lot of fun and a great thing to do with the whole family.

I live in Treasure Island and that is usually the parade I go to but this year I have tickets for the Transsebirian Orchestra and can’t make it to the boat parade. Christmas without a boat parade isn’t happening so my girlfriend and I went to the St. Pete Beach parade last night.

The Parade started at Horan Park (South Pasadena Bridge) at 6 pm. My girlfriend get off work at 7pm and couldn’t be anywhere before 7.30pm so we decided to meet at Merry Pier in Pass a Grille (end of the parade route)

We figured it would take the boats about an hour and a half to get there and there is a lot of parking and some restaurants close by to get a “Christmas drink” in our case and because it is cold we had a Hot chocolate with cognac.

Anyway, there was a huge and fun crowd and we were all waiting for the boat, still waiting at 8 pm still waiting at 8.30pm still waiting at 9pm……….. finally the boats arrived. They were beautiful and it was a lot of fun but it was only 21 boats that made it all the way down to the end out of 36 boats that started??? Well there are a few bars in-between and we have the suspicion that these bars were just too attractive.

So, all you Seminole Isle guys, make a note for next year, if you go to Pass a Grille to watch the parade you do not have to be there till about 9 isch.  Seminole Isle | Holiday boat parades

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  1. Last years boater parade we watched at Gators in Treasure Island was already great. It seems like, it doesn’t matter where you go to watch it, St Pete Beach, Pass A Grille, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach, it is so much fun!

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