Seminole Isle – what are the condo rules and regulations?

Seminole Isle – what are the condo rules and regulations?

I do not know if you have ever seen a set of condo document or not but trust me, the yellow pages are nothing compared to condo docs. To make it worst, Seminole Isle has two set. One for the condos or the townhomes and one the master association. So in this post about the Seminole isle rules and regulations I am only going to cover the “most asked” questions.

Seminole isle condo front

Am I allowed to rent out my condo or townhome at Seminole Isle?          Yes you are But it has to be for a minimum of 210 days. You see every condo association has different rules. When “Beazer” the original developer of Seminole Isle created these docs they wanted people to live here peacefully and not be disturbed by vacationers that move in and out on a weekly basis. At the same time Beazer wanted to give owners the chance to buy a condo or townhouse as an investment property and be able to rent it out. So, 7 month seemed to be a good solution and as far as I can tell, it is working out great.

lake seminole

Can I have potted plants and things on the walkway in front of my condo?              No, sorry you can’t. There are a couple of reason and one of them is the “looks” You have 6 condos on each floor and once the first owner starts “decorating” the common walkway, everybody will do so and the WALK way might become a STUMBLE way and six different (unprofessional) designers might create a let me say “too interesting” look for the common taste.

Last but not lease, Can I have pets in my Seminole isle condo?                 YES you can and personally I am very happy about this. First of all, I would never move anywhere without my cats (3 of them, I know toooooooo many but that is a different story) Times have changed, a lot of people nowadays have a cat or a dog or a bird or… and these animals become family members to us. So, naturally when we move from A to B it is important that our pets can come with us. In all my 15 years of real estate I have never had a buyer that would give up his or her pet just to move into a different condo.

What I also like about Seminole Isle is that they do not restrict their pet policies to “small pets only” like so many other condo associations do. I do not know what your experience is but I have heard small dog bark all day and big dogs never bark (ok it can be the other way around) So Seminole Isle is pet friendly even thou you do not see too many pets in Seminole Isle.

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  1. Every time I show a townhome in Seminole Isle, I get asked about the landscaping in front of the townhomes. I’m I responsible for maintaining this? The answer is, no. It is being maintained by the association. A good way of looking at it is, everything from the steps on leading into the townhome in Seminole Isle is yours. Also, a lot of buyers are asking about the landing of the stairs of the townhouse in Seminole Isle. Can I decorate for Christmas? Can I put a wreath on my front door? Yes, we have seen owners putting a big decorative planter on the landing and having a Christmas wreath on the front door. Parking for the townhomes in Seminole Isle is really not an issue. Most households have 2 cars and both of them fit into the garage. The assocation wants to see that you as the home owners are using the garage and are opposed to leaving the cars on the driveway. If you are having company coming over, right at the corner of Islamorada Cir and Conch Blvd you have plenty of guest parking. All those small rules and regulations help Seminole Isle to maintain their clean and appealing look of a well cared for complex. Seminole Isle is one of the few complexes, that actually allows large dogs. For me, as a owner of a large breed dog, it is wonderfull to see, how Seminole Isle actually accomodates and makes condo and townhome living convenient for pet owners. Not only do you have a nice walking trail, going all around the complex, you actually have little drop off stations with bags that are provided to clean up after your Puppy.

  2. Like you comment, Seminole Isle has a few basic restrictions but it is not unresonable. Like you said, it helps the howmowners.

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