Seminole Isle townhouse – Should I buy a townhomes or condo?

Seminole Isle townhouse – Should I buy a townhomes or condo?

That is the million dollar question. I love choices but life would be much easier (and less fun) if we didn’t have that many choices.

I have a lot of people that just don’t know if they want a 2100 square feet corner condo in Seminole Isle or one of the Seminole Isle townhomes that are roughly the same square footage.

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we all have different things that are important to us, so I do not know how you would answer the question but I will be happy to tell you want I think because I am one of these people that can’t make up their mind when it comes to the 2100 sf. condo or the townhouse in Seminole Isle. So in this post let me make my case for the townhome at Seminole Isle and I will write another post for the condo.

Seminole isle townhomes

So, here it goes. I love the townhomes at Seminole Isle. You have your own entrance and your own drive way. The garage, OMG, you can put all your “useless stuff” in there plus at least 2 if not 3 cars. You probably have about 1000 sf. to play with, enough space for all your hobbies, all your Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc decoration.

In the Seminole Isle townhomes is split between 2 floors. On the first living level you have a huge huge huge kitchen with and Island and lots of counterpace as well as an intergraded little office desk.

Seminole Isle townhome kitchen

The living room has a nice size with sliding glass doors to the balcony. Just adjacent to the living room is a good size dining area and a cute little powder room. Lots of interesting architectural details give it a lot of character.

Upstairs is you Master suite (and I mean suite, it is big) with double entrance doors and a master bathroom to die for. Lots of closet space and an open and airy feeling. On the other site of the stairs you have two more nice size bedrooms and a bathroom.

As you can see, I am in love with the huge garage but I have to say I would rather have my living level on one floor (not the stairs type) Also, I love to cook and hang out in the kitchen with my girlfriends but the kitchen in the Seminole Isle townhomes is just too big for my taste (and I didn’t think that a kitchen could ever be too big………)

Call me today at 727 410 7777 and I will make sure that you get more confused about the question “Seminole Isle townhouse – Should I buy a townhomes or condo?”



  1. The townhomes in Seminole Isle are really nice. They offer a lot of room for all your toys in the oversized 2 car garage. The floorplan is great. I like the landing on the 2nd floor, which is used by a lot of owners as office space. Another great thing is that you actually have laundry room upstairs, where the bedrooms are. Seminole Isle townhomes are very airy and offer a lot of natural light. All the townhomes in Seminole Isle have a screened in balcony and an additional patio area in the back off the garage. A good indication of the recovering market is, that their are NO active listings in Seminole Isle for townhomes. It used to be that their is always mutiple townhomes in Seminole Isle on the market or at least one or two. For the last few month there is no inventory at all. I actually have a waiting list of potential buyers for a Seminole Isle townhouse. The next townhouse in Seminole Isle that is being listed, will have a lot of buyers who will make a run for it! Now is a great time to sell!

  2. I know, it is unbelievable. There are a lot of buyers watching Seminole Isle townhomes right now and there will be a lot of interest once another townhome comes on the market in Seminole Isle

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