Seminole Isle condo – Should I buy a townhomes or condo?

Seminole Isle condo – Should I buy a townhomes or condo?

That is the million dollar question. I love choices but life would be much easier (and less fun) if we didn’t have that many choices. I have a lot of people that just don’t know if they want a 2100 square feet corner condo in Seminole Isle or one of the Seminole Isle townhomes that are roughly the same square footage.

Seminole Isle condo front

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we all have different things that are important to us, so I do not know how you would answer the question but I will be happy to tell you want I think because I am one of these people that can’t make up their mind when it comes to the 2100 sf. condo or the townhouse in Seminole Isle. So in this post let me make my case for the condo at Seminole Isle and I will write another post for the townhome.

I LOVE the condo, it has a really nice open and inviting hallway, high ceilings, lots of architectural details, the 3rd bedroom is huge, has lots of natural light and would make a perfect office for me with space for a pull out couch.

The second bedroom with easy access to the adjoining bathroom would be a beautiful space for my friends to stay (but it would be difficult to ever get rid of them again)

I really like the dining room. It is just the right size for a nice round table that could sit up to 8 people and with the additional kitchen cabinetries that make a side board it is just perfect for buffet style entertaining and many other things.

The kitchen right next to the dining room, only divided by a countertop has the perfect size. It is not too big and not to small and very functional. They also integrated a little desk for your laptop or iPad and I think that is a great feature. While I watch my cookies (which I usually burn) I can pay some bills or serve the web.

The living room has sliding glass doors to the balcony and is so spacious that it could hold an additional dining table if you needed one.

2100sf condo living room at Seminole Isle

Now master bedroom and bath in Seminole Isle (if you are not sold on the unit yet, this will do the trick) the master bedroom is huge, open airy with sliding doors to the balcony and two walk in closets. The adjacent bathroom (one of my buyers once said “I do not need the condo, I will just live in the bathroom”) no kidding, this bathroom is as big as other peoples bedroom. 2 separate sinks, Jacuzzi tub oversized walk in shower, separate power room mirrors everywhere linen closet – all you could ever ask for and more.

The corner condos in Seminole Isle have natural light come in on 3 sides of the unit and I like that all your living space is on one floor with no stairs.

I live in an 1800 sf. single family home right now and I have an oversized two car garage BUT I can’t even fit my tiny little car in there. Reason (take a wild guess) my garage is full of “stuff” things that I never use but somehow I think I desperately need them…………(some of you might understand this “insanity”) So, as much as I love the 2100 sf, condo in Seminole Isle I would not know what to do with all my “useless stuff” So maybe I should go for a Seminole Isle townhome?

Call me today at 727 420 7777 if you can’t make up your mind either and I will help you to get more confused about Seminole Isle – Should I buy a townhomes or condo?




  1. I couldn’t agree more, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All of the condos and townhomes in Seminole Isle are bright, light, roomy, great floor plans, large master bath. The “only” difference is size and the size of your balcony when talking about the condos. Some of my buyers prefer the 1,500 sq ft 2nd floor condos, since they have a screened in lanai AND and a large balcony. Some buyers prefer the 1,700 units, since it is a nice size in between and the prices are still more affordable. Others only want the 2,100 corner units, because it has an extra window in the larger dining area, the living room is larger, and it has a large balcony. Buyers with lots of toys, prefer the townhomes, because of the oversized 2 car garage with tons of storage. The living room, dining room and kitchen are located on the first floor. The 3 bedrooms are located on the 2nd floor with a just as nice and big master bedroom as in the condos. It really comes down to personal choice.

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