Seminole Isle and things to do in the area.

Seminole Isle and things to do in the area.              I have already talked a lot about Seminole Isle itself and all the amenities Seminole Isle has to offer but today let’s look at location in general and find a few things to do around Seminole Isle, places to go, shopping, restaurant entertainment and more.

Seminole Isle is located just of Park Blvd right between Park Street and Seminole Blvd. Park Street is an easy ride if you want to go west towards the beaches or east towards downtown St. Pete and the interstate.

Seminole Blvd take you south to Madeira beach or north pretty much all the way up to Clearwater. Park Street goes south into St. Pete and north to Largo and Pinellas Park. This said, it is very easy and fast to get wherever you want from Seminole Isle.

Sunset at mad beach

If you want to “play tourist” and spend a day on the beach or go fishing or boating or want to take a walk along the water for sunset you just go to Madeira beach and Johns Pass which will take you about 6 minutes.

Boardwalk Johns pass

You want to go shopping? Well a Publix and Sweetbay are just 4 minutes from Seminole Isle and the Tyrone Mall is about 10 minutes away and Seminole Mall is 4 minutes away (they have a Stein Mart)  Home depot (my favorite store) is 3 minutes away, Movie Theater is 5 minutes away, Lake Seminole Park with all its recreational amenities is across the street (really right across the street) and the Largo cultural centre that offers a ton a show and event every year is about 8 minutes away.

Lake Seminole park

Within Minutes from Seminole Isle to the west and east you find a bunch of restaurants and bars with my favorite place to spend a nice evening is the “Beach Bistro” right on Seminole Blvd. Starbucks (very important to me) and big department stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s are just a little south of Seminole Isle right on Park street.

So whatever you want to do and whatever your little heart desires it is most likely within a 10 minutes range. How do you like that for a great location? Call me today at 727 410 7777  if you want to more more about Seminole isle and things to do in the area.


  1. My favorite thing about Seminole Isle is that it is located across the street from Seminole Lake Park. It is so peaceful just to walk around the lake and always a special treat for my Dog and myself. As tranquil as the picture looks, it really is that way. Spanish moos hanging from the trees, birds are singing their songs, palms, flowers, bushes that you haven’t seen before. Beautiful! I’m glad that such preserves are being kept open for the public. If you haven’t gone yet, pack your Puppy and a pick nick basket and enjoy the day in the great outdoors. Another great place and unique to visit is the Orange Blossom Grove. Not only can you get freshly squeezed grapefruit and orange juice, local fruits and vegetable are offered as well. Definitely try the orange/vanilla soft swirl ice cream – my favorite!

    • That is right, I didn’t even think about it. Seminole Isle allows dogs and you just walk across the street and can have a good time.

  2. I can’t believe nobody has mentioned yet that there are 3 majorly important stores super close: Home Depot for the husbands (I don’t care that much about that one) and Burlington Coat Factory and TJMaxx for the women?!? Talking about good location!!!

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