Seminole Isle and the beaches

Seminole Isle and the beaches.        If you want to live very close to the Tampabay Beaches but do not want to pay Barrier Island prices, the Seminole Isle condos and townhouses might just be perfect for you.

Seminole Isle beach

Seminole Isle has the perfect location, 6 minutes to Madeira beach, about 10 minutes to John’s Pass, 12 minutes to Treasure Island, 20 minutes to St. Pete Beach, less than half an hour to our most famous beaches of Fort De Soto, about 8 minutes to Redington beach and Indian Rocks beach and 30 minutes to Clearwater.                                                                                                           So by the time you get in the car and argue with your husband (or wife) about what to do for lunch, you are pretty much already looking for a parking spot on the beach.

Treasure island beach

Just to put it in perspective, if you bought a similar property on Tierra Verde (like Seminole it doesn’t have its own beach) this property would cost you at least twice as much and it would take you 4 minutes to Fort de Soto, 8 to St. Pete Beach, 20 to Treasure island 25 to John’s pass 30 to Madeira and 35 to Redington and 40 to Indian Rocks and an hour to Clearwater.

As you can see, Seminole Isle has about the same proximity to the beaches than Tierra Verde has. Like I said in earlier post, the value you get for your money when you buy a condo or townhome in Seminole Isle is incredible.

In Seminole Isle you live close to the beaches but pay much less for your property. That said, it is no wonder why so many educated buyers and interested in the beautiful gated community of Seminole Isle. Take a look at the map or go to Google earth and you can see for yourself. Call me at 727 410 7777  to find out more about Seminole Isle and the beaches


  1. Yes, the location of Seminole Isle is hard to beat. It is close to everything! To find somebody here in Florida, who doesn’t drive is unusual. A few month ago, I actually had a buyer who didn’t even own a car. Why is that important you may ask? This particular buyer and I, we looked at condos in various areas, but there always was something, that she couldn’t get to, or was too far away. It was very frustrating for her. Then we looked at a few condos in Seminole Isle, and we were able to cross everything off of her list. Bus station – check – right outside of the gate, Park for nice walks – check – right across the street. Close to water, so her children and grandchildren have a lot of the things they love to do such as fishing and kayaking, when they come to stay with her – check. Walking distance to shopping, restaurants, home improvement, banks etc – check, check and check. I will never forget the look on her face. We made an offer on the condo the same day! Seminole Isle has it all and now that the prices are affordable, you will have a hard time finding something that is only a few years old, is gated, is a water front complex, has resort like amenites and has a great location.

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