About Seminole Isle condos and townhomes.

About Seminole Isle condos and townhomes.  Seminole Isle is a beautiful gated condo and townhome community right on Lake Seminole in the heart of Pinellas County just of Park Blvd between Seminole Blvd and Park Street.

“Beazer”, a well know developer in our area started building this beautiful community in 2004 and the first units were sold in 2005.

The idea was to create 420 condos consistent of 14 buildings with 30 condos each and 90 townhomes in Seminole Ilse . As time went by and buildings went up, the real estate market crashed and Beazer stopped building. So today we have 180 condos and 90 townhomes in Seminole Isle

Seminole Isle

When you look at the site plan you can see the original idea. All the townhomes were built but only condo buildings B-C-D-E-F-N were built.

Seminole Isle clubhouse patio

I personally like Seminole Isle a lot. The location is great, doesn’t matter what you want to do or where you want to go shopping you pretty much find everything within a 10 minute radius. The landscaping is beautiful, real lush and tropical. There are too many amenities to list. The Clubhouse and pool area is absolute gorgeous

Seminole isle pool

The community is gated, not age restricted and allows pets. There is a master association that takes care of the common grounds and a condo and a townhome association.

Prices have gone down by 30% to even 50% within 5 years. To me right now there is not better value for your money in our area than Seminole Isle.

Seminole Isle beach

In Seminole isle, over the last 3 or 4 years we had an average of about 20 units on the market at all time. For the last 6 or 7 month we are down to 10 sometimes 7 even 4 at one point. To me that is a very good sign for market stabilization. I still believe in supply and demand theory and I am very happy to see that the supply is so low in Seminole Isle. Call me today at 727 410 7777 and I am happy to answer all your questions about Seminole Isle.


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