Seminole Isle and all the amenities.

Seminole Isle and all the amenities.

Seminole Isle is one of my favorite properties to show even thou the showings usually take 3 times as long as any other condo showings just because there is sooooooooo much to talk about. (and I love to talk)

Just think about where you live now and what you would have to do to “go play tennis or catch some nice fish right of the dock or go kayaking or take a nice leisurely walk along Lake Seminole or relax on the Clubhouse’s beautiful patio, or take a sunbath on a little private beach or swim a few laps in the pool or go to the gym or watch the sunsets every night or have your family over for a nice BBQ on the waterfront (I’ll stop right now before you get jealous)

Yes, you can do all these things, have all these amenities and more in Seminole Isle. This gated waterfront community has so much to offer. One of my buyers once said  “Now, if we just had a grocery store in here I would never have to leave” I disagree; I would also need a Starbucks.

No, seriously, I have been working as a Real Estate Agent in this area for over 15 years and to this day I have to find another complex where you get all these amenities for your money. Seminole Isle is not just another condo complex, it is a lifestyle.

The moment you drive through the gate you enter into a fun safe and relaxed world. Something you deserve after a long day at work. If this is not enough, you just walk across the street to Lake Seminole Park where you have a beautiful 2 mile long recreational trail used for hiking and jogging, biking and rollerblading.

You also find boat ramps and piers and 13 pick nick shelters. The park is a designated wildlife habitat and there are lots of bird and other creature to watch.

Call me today at 727 410 7777 to find out more about Seminole Isle and all the amenities.


  1. I agree, the amenities that are offered in Seminole Isle are fantastic. Pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, walking trails, gated waterfront community, BBQ and pick nick huts that are screened in, kayak storage hut, private little beach area, fishing pier, kayak launching pat, a fitness center. The only thing that I think is missing are storage places for bicycles if you own a condo in Seminole Isle. Not for the townhouse in Seminole Isle though, since the garage has enough room for all your toys.

  2. You have a good point about the bicycles, maybe someone should bring it to the associations attention. The way I know them I think they might come up with a good solution.

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